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The stock market has often been compared to a casino and stock trading to gambling. There is even a book called Trade Like A Bookie, by David Caplan. The big difference between trading and gambling is that a stock trader has much better control of risk than does a gambler. In the game of Black Jack or 21 you pretty much have to play every hand. You can’t stand to one side, count cards, and when the count is in your favor step in and play, the casino would soon ask you to leave. But that is exactly what I do with my trading system. I stand to one side, count cards-that is observe the market action, and when the count or market is in my favor I step up and make a trade. From back testing my trading strategy, the probability of a profit is 80-90%. In actual trading this trading strategy has been very consistent with 74% profitable trades. Hence the name of my trading manual The 74% Solution. By waiting until the market gives me an 80-90% probability of a profitable trade my risk is reduced considerably. Gambling this is not.
Most of the time I am out of the market, watching and waiting for the right opportunity. Originally I  used this system as a stand alone trading strategy. Being out of the market most of the time, I soon realized I could maximize the use of my capital by using a part of my capital to invest in dividend paying value stocks. This gave me three streams of potential income; first, capital appreciation from the stocks I owned, second, dividend income from the stocks I owned and thirdly, trading income from the 74% solution system. To learn more go here.

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“I think that when the United States felt they were at the forefront of the so-called civilized world and when the Soviet Union collapsed, they were under the illusion that the United States was capable of everything and they could act with impunity. And that’s always a trap, because in this situation, a person and a country begins to commit mistakes. There is no need to analyze the situation. No need to think about the consequences. No need to economize. And the country becomes inefficient and one mistake follows another. And I think that’s the trap the United States has found itself in.”  Vladimir Putin

August 21: Greyerz Issues Warning About War, Market Turmoil, Shocks And Exchange Controls by Egon von Greyerz  at KWN, read here.

August 20: US War With China Heats Up As China Readies To Launch A Gold-Backed Monetary System by Stephen Leeb at KWN, read here.

August 19: RISK ON: WAR, ECONOMY, DEBT, DOLLAR – RISK OFF: GOLD          by Egon von Greyerz at Gold Switzerland, read here.

August 19: Rick Rule: Chairman / Founder of Sprott US Holdings & President of Sprott Asset Management USA; Portfolio Manager. Audio interview at KWN, listen here.

August 18: Silver Cycles and War Cycles by Gary Christenson at SilverSeek.com, read here.

August 18: Two Reasons Why This Billionaire Just Loaded Up on Gold                 By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch, read here.

August 18: Don’t Forget About The Red Swan by David Stockman at The Daily Reckoning, read here.    

August 18: Historical inevitability and gold and silver ownership by Michael J. Kosares, USAGOLD, read here.

August 18: ENDGAME EXPOSED: The World Monetary System Has Now Buckled & Bubbled To The Point Of Final Termination By Michael Oliver, MSA (Momentum Structural Analysis) at KWN, read here.

August 18: ‘Russia-gate’ Hoax About To Be Exposed?
Julian Assange has the evidence – but will he reveal it? by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.

August 17: You Are Being Lied To About “Low” Gold Demand by Jeff Clark at 24hGOLD, read here.

August 17: Gold Was Chemically Destined to Be Money All Along By Frank Holmes at GoldSeek.com, read here.

August 17: MAJOR GOLD MARKET INDICATOR SHIFT: Trouble For Future Supply By MarketSlant Editor, read here.

August 16: The Inflation/Deflation War Heats Up – What It Means For Gold And The Fed by Peter Boockvar at KWN, read here.                                                               ” King World News note – The bottom line is that things are a mess and the Fed is always fighting the last battle.  When the trend from buying stocks and inflated asset markets reverses, the gold market will be the primary beneficiary.  In the meantime, gold  is nearing the “Grandaddy Breakout” that Michael Oliver from MSA wrote about. Stay tuned because the next leg of the secular bull market in gold is just getting started.”

August 16: Henry Kissinger Just Made a Stunning Admission About ISIS and Iran By Anonymous at Market Sland, read here. “To the 94-year-old (Kissinger), there is nothing more threatening than a dominant Iran, even when compared to the violent global jihad phenomenon that is ISIS.” Well, Kissinger is a Jew, what did you expect? Israel is not our friend, remember the USS Liberty, Iran is not our enemy. NTM

August 16: Which Way for the Trump Administration?
The battle over foreign policy by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.                 ” What is needed, as a first step, is the denuclearization of the peninsula, and ultimately negotiations between the North and the South leading to reunification – ending in the withdrawal of US troops.
It’s long past time to end the Korean war.”

August 16: Here Are the Real Reasons Behind Trump’s Brinksmanship Toward North Korea by Andrew Korybko at Sputnik News, read here. I told you so, it’s about China. NTM

August 16: Is North Korea Showing the Emperor is Naked? By Pepe Escobar at Sputnik News, read here.

August 16: Legendary Short Seller Covers Gold & Silver And What Will Usher In The Next Collapse By Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein Capital at KWN, read here.

August 15: Greyerz – The Greatest Crisis In World History Is About To Be Unleashed Another warning of coming economic disaster by the indomitable Egon von Greyerz at KWN, read here. And buy gold and silver while you still can..

August 15: We Can Stop North Korea From Attacking Us. All We Have to Do Is Not Attack Them. By Jon Schwarz at The Intercept, read here.

August 15: That Wasn’t No Dog Whistle By David Stockman at LewRockwell.com, read here. Trump blew it; if everyone is out to get you, they eventually will. NTM