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The stock market has often been compared to a casino and stock trading to gambling. There is even a book called Trade Like A Bookie, by David Caplan. The big difference between trading and gambling is that a stock trader has much better control of risk than does a gambler. In the game of Black Jack or 21 you pretty much have to play every hand. You can’t stand to one side, count cards, and when the count is in your favor step in and play, the casino would soon ask you to leave. But that is exactly what I do with my trading system. I stand to one side, count cards-that is observe the market action, and when the count or market is in my favor I step up and make a trade. From back testing my trading strategy, the probability of a profit is 80-90%. In actual trading this trading strategy has been very consistent with 74% profitable trades. Hence the name of my trading manual The 74% Solution. By waiting until the market gives me an 80-90% probability of a profitable trade my risk is reduced considerably. Gambling this is not. read

Most of the time I am out of the market, watching and waiting for the right opportunity. Originally I  used this system as a stand alone trading strategy. Being out of the market most of the time, I soon realized I could maximize the use of my capital by using a part of my capital to invest in dividend paying value stocks. This gave me three streams of potential income; first, capital appreciation from the stocks I owned, second, dividend income from the stocks I owned and thirdly, trading income from the 74% solution system. To learn more go here.

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August 24: Trump Calls for Special Prosecutor on Clinton Foundation by Soren K. at marketslant.com, read here.
Comment: Most criticism of the Clinton Foundation focuses exclusively on the donors buying influence aspect, which is appropriate. But ignore the other aspect of the scandal, what was the money used for where did it go? ‘Donors could give as much as they wanted because the foundation is a “charity.”’ How much of this money was actually used for charitable work and how much into Bill and Hillary’s pocket? That is the real scandal. I suspect the donors understood the money would end up in the Clinton’s pockets, which is why they thought the money would be more effective in buying influence. NTM

August 24: The Foreign Invasion of American Politics
Foreign free riders hate Trump and love Hillary – with good reason, by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.
“We need to put up a roadblock on that particular byway, and the only way to do that is by instituting a mutual nonaggression pact: we’ll stay out of your business if you stay out of ours. This requires nothing less than a 180-degree turn in our interventionist foreign policy, away from a reckless globalism and toward a mindset that puts America first.”

August 24: Buy Silver, Not Gold, if You are a Big Time Player by GS Early at Commodity Trade Mantra, read here.

August 23: Jim Grant: “This Will Turn Out To Be Very Bad For Many People” by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, read here.
“I’m very bullish on gold and I’m very bullish on gold mining shares. That’s because I think that the world will lose faith in the PhD standard in monetary management. Gold is by no means the best investment. Gold is money and money is sterile, as Aristotle would remind us. It does not pay dividends or earn income. So keep in mind that gold is not a conventional investment. That’s why I don’t want to suggest that it is the one and only thing that people should have their money in. But to me, gold is a very timely way to invest in monetary disorder.”

August 23: Children of the American Police State: Just Another Brick in the Wall By John W. Whitehead at LewRockwell.com, read here.

August 22: Nicholas Kristof: War Crimes Enabler
He wants US intervention – on the side of Islamist head-choppers by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.

August 22: Egon von Greyerz audio interview at KWN, listen here. The Panic That Will Be A Game-Changer For World Financial Markets. Buy gold and silver.

August 22: Big Policies, Bigger Failures by Peter Schiff, read here. “To me, the fate of the Fed’s stimulus policy is as clear as that of President Obama’s failed experiment in healthcare. It’s a disaster hiding in plain sight. The stimulus itself has so crippled the U.S. economy that it can now barely survive without it. As it limps along the crutch must grow ever larger, as the support it provides weakens the economy to the point where it becomes too small to provide adequate support. But rather than acknowledging that the Fed’s policies have failed (an admission that any honest proponent of Obamacare should make), the proponents of stimulus are doubling down.”

August 22: Olympia’s True Victors  A Deeply Vicious Festival, Theodore Dalrymple on the Olympics. At Taki’s Magazine, read here. “Once again the only country of any size that, as far as I can see, emerges from the Olympic Games with any credit is India. Accounting for something like a sixth of the world’s population, it had not—the last time I looked at the table—won a single medal in any event. This proves that, at least in this regard, it has its priorities right. It has steadfastly refused to measure itself by the number of medals it wins at the Olympics and does nothing whatever to encourage its citizens to devote their lives to trying to jump a quarter of a centimeter longer or higher than anyone else in human history.”

August 21: This Historic Event Is About To Shock The World by Stephen Leeb at KWN, read here. “we will see a bull market in gold that will dwarf any bull market we’ve ever seen.”

August 21: Gold Is Standing At The Crossroads by Jesse Felder, read here. “if you don’t own gold, you don’t know history or you don’t know the economics of it.”

August 21: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over by Patrick J. Buchanan at LewRockwell.com, read here.

August 21: Hillary Clinton: Dictatress of the World by David Stockman at The Daily Reckoning, read here. “As John Quincy Adams so profoundly observed long ago, America’s security does not require that it search the world for monsters to destroy.
But apparently, Hillary Clinton does.”

August 20: What Is Happening Around The World Is Scaring The Hell Out Of People; Peter Boockvar audio interview at KWN, listen here.

August 20: How We Know ISIS was ‘MADE IN THE USA  By Roger Stone at LeewRockwell.com, read here. Trump is right, Obama and Hillary created ISIS.            “In Washington, ISIS is widely known as “John McCain’s army”. So what’s wrong with a candidate for president making the point that his opponent and her most prominent support actually created ISIS? Trump is right.”

August 19: Gold – The Mother of All Bull Markets Has Only Just Begun by Peter Grandich, read here. “Buckle up. It won’t be a straight ride up and forces still remain who don’t want to see gold rise. However, I never been more convinced on any path of any investment I followed for over 30 years”

August 19: Late August: The Calm Before the Storm by Brian Maher at The Daily Reckoning, read here.

August 19: ALERT: Early Signs The Public Is Becoming More Involved In The Gold Market By: Schwab Trading Services at KWN, read here.     Everything you ever wanted to know about buying gold, excellent article.

August 19: Blessed by Misfortune by Bill Bonner at The Daily Reckoning, read here.

August 18: President Obama’s Protocols for Deciding Whether to Kill You by Bruce Fein at The Huffington Post, read here.  Caution, if you don’t want to risk vomiting your guts out, do not read this article. So this is what it has come to in the home of the free and the land of the brave, God bless America?

August 18: On The Impossibility Of Helicopter Money And Why The Casino Will Crash by David Stockman, read here. “What fools like Bernanke haven’t reckoned with is that sheer common sense has not yet been extirpated from the land. In fact, outside of the groupthink of few dozen Keynesian academics and central bankers, the very idea of helicopter money strikes most sensible people as preposterous, offensive and scary.”

August 18: The Real Existential Threats of 2016 by Patrick J. Buchanan at LewRockwell.com, read here. 

August 17: The Benefits and Hazards of Trumpism
– all gathered together in one speech by Justin Raimondo, at Antiwar.com, read here.

August 17: WARNING: Central Banks Are Now On The Cusp Of Losing Control by Peter Bockvar at KWN, read here. “Bottom line, gold will be the main beneficiary in the loss of confidence in central banks and the rise in interest rates as a result will also coincide with the rise in gold.”

August 16: How The GOP Got Trumped—–The Fiscal Follies Of Johnny Lawnchair And Faker Ryan by David Stockman, read here.

August 16: Expect To See A Panic Into Gold at King World News, read here.

August 16: Most Asset Classes at All-Time Highs. Gold Yet 50% Below – Get It Now by Simon Black at Commodity Trade Mantra, read here.

August 16: Central Banks Are Choking Productivity by Peter Schiff, read here.

August 14: We Are Now Only Months Away From The Worst Global Crisis In History by Egon von Greyerz at KWN, read here.

August 14:  Dr. Stephen Leeb: Broadcast Interview – Available Now; China Is About To Shock The World With Its Next Move, at KWN, listen here.

August 10: John McCain’s “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Broadcast—Now Found and Released!  As a resident of Arizona I am always looking for any dirt I can find on the Honorable Senator  John ‘I never saw a war I didn’t like’ McCain, read and listen here.

August 10: We Live in Dangerous Times
And it’s getting worse by the day, by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.

August 5: The Warren Buffet Economy: How Central Bank Enabled Financialization Divided America by David Stockman, read here. If you are not one of the privileged 1%, you may have been wondering why, no matter how hard you work, scrimp and save,  you never seen to be getting any place financially. David Stockman explains how and why. In a word we have been “fucked” by the FED! Thank you Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernabke and Janet Yellen, we didn’t even get dinner and a movie first.

August 5: More Reasons to Own Gold and Silver With Each Passing Day at Commidity Trade Mantra, read here.

August 5: Stay Out of Libya
… and build Fortress America, by Justin Raimondo, at Antiwar.com, read here.

August 5: What’s Coming Is Going to Be a Mess by Jim Rogers at The Daily Reckoning, read here.
“I urge everybody I meet to learn history. Once you become knowledgeable, you’re going to be worried. Once you’re worried, you might be prepared. If you’re prepared, you will be one of those who survives whatever happens.
Because what’s coming is going to be a mess.”

August 3: Trump’s Terrorist Fear-Mongering—–Raucous Cover Band For The War Party by David Stockman, read here.

August 3: NATO and Trump’s Misconceptions by Sheldon Richman, at Antiwar.com, read here.

August 3: Israel to US: ‘Give Us More!’ They’re never satisfied by Justin Raimondo, at Antiwar.com, read here.

August 3: A Terrifying Glimpse of What Hillary in Charge Means by Stephen Lendman, read here.
Comment: In the days of the Bill and Hillary White House,  of the two, I thought of Hillary as the most dangerous, she was the “true believer”  she was out to save the world, and she did not care how many of us she killed in the process.  Since then my opinion has changed, Hillary is now just another power hungry, scum bag politician, and she does not care how many of us she kills in the process. NTM

August 3: Is Trump the Peace Candidate? Why the DC-Wall Street Axis Hates Trump; He’s the peace candidate. Article by Patrick J. Buchanan, read here.

August 3: The Lesser of Two Evils  L. Neil Smith on the Trump vs. Deathcamp Dolly. Read here.

August 3: Gerald Celente – Biggest Central Bank Gamble In History Fails As Gold Prepares To Skyrocket To $2,000 at KWN, read here.

August 2: Americans Are Going to be Disappointed in Election Outcome by Ron Paul at LewRockwell.com, read here.

August 2: Dinesh D’Souza’s America by Gavin McInnes, read here. Grab the Popcorn and Watch Hillary Implode; Gavin McInnes on the movie that can do it.

August 2: James Turk – Is History About To Repeat In The Silver Market? Plus One Of The Most Stunning Charts Of The Last Decade at KWN, read here.

August 2: The silver boom is coming by Kim Iskyan at Business Insider, read here.

August 2: Exclusive Interview With Jim Rogers – Part I  By Michael Covel, watch here.

August 2: Donald Trump’s Demagoguery—–The Dangers And Digressions Of It by David Stockman, read here.

August 2: Trump’s Our Kind of Candidate. Except He’s Not. By Addison Wiggin at The Daily Reckoning, read here.
“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
— H.L. Mencken, the “Sage of Baltimore”

August 1: Man Who Oversees More Than $100 Billion Urges Investors To Buy Gold & Gold Miners   by Jeff Gundlach at KWN, read here.

August 1: It’s Getting Scarier … every day, by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.

August 1: America Destroyed  When I Was Young, America Still Existed;  No longer, says Paul Craig Roberts, at LewRockwell.com, read here.

August 1: Before We Go To War With Russia and China, What About Afghanistan? By Eric Margolis, read here.

July 31: The Grand Illusion, $80,000 Gold And A Worldwide Nightmare  by Egon von Greyerz at KWN, read here.

July 31: Shocking Plan To Push Gold Over $10,000 Is Part of China’s War Over The World’s Monetary System by Stephen Leeb at KWN, read here.

July 31: Gold, Silver Is Best Way For Investors To Own Real Wealth – Author  by Chris Martenson Co-founder, Peak Prosperity; video interview at Kitco News, watch here.

July 30: Ireland Jails 3 Top Bankers over 2008 Collapse, the Opposite of What the US Did  By Market Slant, read here.

July 30: What Experts Predict for the New Silver Bull Market at Commodity Trade Mantra, read here.

July 30: Hillary: A Vote for Barbarism By Michael S. Rozeff at LewRockwell.com, read here. “Voting for her is a vote for barbarism claiming to be responsible and morally right.”

July 30: A World War Has Begun Break the silence By John Pilger, read here.

July 29: Top Advisor To Sovereign Wealth Funds Says Gold & Silver Headed Into The Stratosphere Along With The Shares  by Michael Belkin at KWN; article and audio interview, read here, or go directly to audio interview, listen here.

July 29: Donald Trump’s Candidacy—–The Good And The Bad Of It by David Stockman, read here,  “Donald Trump’s overwhelming virtue is that he is not Hillary Clinton and does not carry a bulging 30-year old bag of bad ideas. Hillary’s ideas—–and those of the establishment for which she shills——about how to fix the coming economic and foreign policy crises, in fact, are so unequivocally and irremediably bad that it is not possible that there is anything worse.”

July 29: Central Banks Will Create A Historical Gold Rush By Egon von Greyerz, read here.

July 29: A Bull Market For The Ages As The Price Of Gold Heads To A Jaw-Dropping $20,000 at King World News, read here.

July 29: The Least Great Generation at the Bionic Mosquito, read here.

July 29: The Middle East: Great Going, Great Father! Lessons From the Apaches. About why the US will fail in the Middle East. Article by Jack Perry, read here.

July 28: Experts: “Peak Gold” Has Arrived by Brian Maher at The Daily Reckoning, read here.

July 28: Coming Soon: Trumped! (Part 5. The Aspen Strategy Group—-Hillary’s War Cabinet In Waiting) by David Stockman, read here.

July 28: The Impeachment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for High Crimes in Syria and Libya  By James Ostrowski at LewRockwell.com, read here.

July 28: Doug Casey on President Hillary Clinton… World War III… and the Deep State By Nick Giambruno at International Man, read here.

July 27: You’re Likely Committing a Crime Right Now. The Criminalization of Everything. How many laws are you breaking? Article by Mark Nestmann, read here.

July 27: Gerald Celente Warns This Will Be The Last Great Opportunity To Buy Gold & Silver. Article and audio interview at KWN, here.

July 27: Gold & Silver Strong – Banks & Stocks Scary  At The Daily Coin, read here.

July 27: Record Swiss Gold Flows Into US. Are Americans Finally Acquiring a Lot of Gold? At Commodity Trade Mantra, read here.

July 27: Hillary Clinton: Class President of A Failed Generation.  Nurse Ratchet to a Failed Generation, David Stockman on Hillary, read here.

July 27: Gold Price Set To Skyrocket To $2,300 In 22 Months! By Ronald-Peter Stoeferle at KWN, rea here.

July 27: Why The Donald Might Be Good For Peace by Brian Claughley at David Stockman’s Contra Corner, read here.

July 26: Hillary Says “F You” Again by Michael Covel at The Daily Reckoning, read here.

July 26: Will Putin Get a Pulitzer?  Patrick J. Buchanan on the delicious DNC email leak. Read here.