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The stock market has often been compared to a casino and stock trading to gambling. There is even a book called Trade Like A Bookie, by David Caplan. The big difference between trading and gambling is that a stock trader has much better control of risk than does a gambler. In the game of Black Jack or 21 you pretty much have to play every hand. You can’t stand to one side, count cards, and when the count is in your favor step in and play, the casino would soon ask you to leave. But that is exactly what I do with my trading system. I stand to one side, count cards-that is observe the market action, and when the count or market is in my favor I step up and make a trade. From back testing my trading strategy, the probability of a profit is 80-90%. In actual trading this trading strategy has been very consistent with 74% profitable trades. Hence the name of my trading manual The 74% Solution. By waiting until the market gives me an 80-90% probability of a profitable trade my risk is reduced considerably. Gambling this is not. read

Most of the time I am out of the market, watching and waiting for the right opportunity. Originally I  used this system as a stand alone trading strategy. Being out of the market most of the time, I soon realized I could maximize the use of my capital by using a part of my capital to invest in dividend paying value stocks. This gave me three streams of potential income; first, capital appreciation from the stocks I owned, second, dividend income from the stocks I owned and thirdly, trading income from the 74% solution system. To learn more go here.

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December 3: Bill Fleckenstein, audio interview at KWN, ” The Biggest Worry About 2017 Will Surprise You…”    listen here.

December 3: Buy A House For 2.6 Ounces Of Gold By Egon von Greyerz at Gold Switzerland, read here.

December 3: Fake News and War Party Lies Putin allegedly lied to keep us out of WWIII. Article by Pat Buchanan at LewRockwell.com, read here.

December 3: Trump’s Appointments
Paul Craig Roberts on what’s going on, at LewRockwell.com, read here.

December 2: Watching The Price Of Silver In Uncertain Times by Darren Capriotti at Gold-Eagle News, read here.

December 2: The Collapse of Paper Assets by Jeff D. Opdyke, read here.

December 2: Italian Banks on the Brink by James Rickards at The Daily Reckoning, read here. ” I expect Italians to vote “no” on Sunday. First Brexit, then Trump, now the next anti-establishment shoe to drop is in Italy. It won’t necessarily lead to the collapse of the euro or the immediate demise of the European Union, but it’s clear the revolt against the globalist agenda continues.
The question is, how hard will the elites fight back?”

December 2: Brexit, Trump… And Now Italy? By Dave Gonigam at The Daily Reckoning, read here.

December 2: A World to Win
The anti-globalist movement is going global, by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.

December 2: Life In Hock by Eric Peters on cars. debt, and the gov’t, read here.

December 2: Gold Price Skyrockets in India after Currency Ban – Part IV by Jayant Bhandari at Acting Man, read here.

December 2: Angry Mobs Lock Up Indian Bankers As Cash Chaos Soars: “We Are Fearing The Worst” by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, read here.

December 1: Gold Still Has Potential To Hit All-time High – Jim Wyckoff video interview at Kitco News, watch here.

December 1: ALERT: Is This The Most Important Chart Of 2016? At King World News, read here. “the bull market in bonds is in fact coming to an end.”

November 30: The Revolution that Failed by David Stockman, read here.

November 30: The Trump Election: Myths vs Realities by James Rickards, read here.

November 30: The Uselessness of NATO
Do we really need to defend Montenegro? By Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.  “So let Montenegro join NATO if it wants – juts as long as we are on our way out as they come in.”

November 30: Doug Casey on the Coming Collapse of the World’s Biggest Economy  by Nick Giambruno at International Man, read here.

November 29: Gold Edition: Real Money and Why You Need It Now by Bill Bonner read here.

November 29: First the War on Cash, then the War on Gold by James Rickards at The Daily Reckoning, read here.
“If you do not already have a 10% allocation of investible assets to gold, it’s time to make that allocation. Gold is almost the only way to avoid the plans for confiscation that Rogoff and the other elites have in mind.”

November 29: Sen. Rand Paul Shoots Down Trump’s Top Rumored Secretary of State Choices  video interview, watch here at Antiwar.com..

November 29: Stockman: Careful, Donald. They Rigged A Debt Bomb for March 15th. By Craig Wilson at The Daily Reckoning, read here.

November 29: India’s Modi Admits Plan Shifting Nation To “Cashless Society” by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, read here. The Cashless Society; It’s the path to totalitarianism.

November 29: Increasing Velocity Of Money Will Be The Big Upside Surprise For Gold As Trump Enters The White House by John Hathaway at KWN, read here. “gold exposure is a “must have,” and may make more sense than ever.”

November 29: To Really ‘Make America Great Again,’ End the Fed! By Ron Paul at LewRockwell.com, read here.
“Those of us who understand that changing monetary policy is the key to making America great again must redouble our efforts to convince Congress and the new president to audit, then end, the Federal Reserve.”

November 28: The Witch-Hunters
Washington Post pushes campaign to censor alternative media, by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.
“While the Post piece doesn’t link directly to the propornot site – because doing so would’ve exposed its laughably amateurish “methodology” for all to see – Timberg does mention their list of online Boris Badenovs, including not only Antiwar.com but also the Drudge Report, WikiLeaks, David Stockman’s Contra Corner, the Ron Paul Institute, LewRockwell.com, Counterpunch, Zero Hedge, Naked Capitalism, Truthdig, Truth-out, and a host of others. These sites, according to the Post, not only promoted a barrage of “fake news” with the aim of defeating Mrs. Clinton, but they did so at the behest of a “centrally-directed” (per propornot) intelligence operation undertaken by the Russians.” I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that Rio Verde Trading did not make ‘the list’; as I quote or link to these sites on a daily basis.   I guess I am just one of “a host of others”. I’ll take it, it’s better than nothing. Viva la free speech!

That’s all for today, I am awaiting further orders from comrade  Boris.

November 27: The Fat Lady Is Singing For The Bond Market by Mad Hedge Fund Trader at Seeking Alpha, read here.

November 27: Draining the Swamp 2.0: Trump Versus Reagan by David Stockman at The Daily Reckoning, read here.
“What’s going to happen this time, therefore, is that the swamp is going to win again, and very quickly. And with the Imperial City in chaos and the lie put to the ballyhooed “fiscal stimulus” of the last two weeks — only one result is possible.
That fantastically inflated financial bubble which has been building since January 1981 will finally implode. And this time it will stay imploded because the monetary and fiscal branches of the state have fully and finally exhausted their capacity to defy the fundamental laws of economics and sound finance.”

November 27: Resolving Trump’s Contradictions by James Rickards at The Daily Reckoning, read here.
“Right now, both cash and gold have a place in your portfolio as insurance against the uncertainty coming from the Trump camp. As this uncertainty gets resolved, I’ll be watching and updating my scenarios with greater visibility. Gold wins either way (inflation or deflation), but the ride is bumpier and more volatile on the deflation road.
In either case, now is the time to buy gold and gold miners.”

November 27: Warning: The Bond Vigilantes Are Back by Brian Maher at The Daily Reckoning, read here.
“Can Trump sell his plan if it explodes the deficit?
Trump’s sure used to winning. In business, in love (or sex) and now in politics. But he’s never faced the likes of the bond vigilantes.
Napoleon had his Waterloo. The bond vigilantes could be Trump’s.”

November 26: China’s Plan For A World Of Skyrocketing Commodity Prices And $20,000 Gold by Stephen Leeb at KWN, read here. “China is not going to let the price of gold fall off a cliff because they will be buying too much of it. So stiffen your nerve and realize the foundation for a gold-based monetary system is nearly in place. One final nail is needed for completion. Don’t let the final hammer blow shake you out.”

November 26: Gold Market Waiting On Physical Demand; Will Price Dip Be The Trigger? By Allen Sykora of Kitco News, read here.

November 26: Today 9:38 AM: War is Declared on Gold by Soren K at Market Slant, read here. Comment: The message is clear, gold, get it while you still can! Why this demonization and war on gold you ask? Because it is one form of wealth the government can not control. This is also a good reason that you should store some of your precious metals out side of your country of residence and also out side of the banking system. NTM

November 26: US Banks Benefit as India Now Bans Cash Swap by Soren K at Market Slant, read here.

November 26: Egon von Greyerz audio interview at KWN, listen here.
“The state of the derivatives market is very interest rate dependent and is going to be impacted by higher interest rates, which will come in the coming months and years.  They are going a lot higher.  Interest rates are going into the teens (13+%) regardless of what happens to the economy.  Of course that will mean that the derivative market will not survive.  The debt market is the biggest bubble in the world.  We are talking about a total debt market of $150 trillion.  That market is going to collapse and that collapse will start as money printing increases.  Gold could therefore go a lot higher than anybody realizes.  I’m still standing by my $10,000 price target for gold in today’s money,”

November 26: 9 People You Should Tip, and How Much You Should Give Them by Shaunacy Ferro, read here.

November 25: When the Bond-fire has finally run its course, Gold and Silver will Emerge Victorious by Daryl Robert Schoon at Commodity Trade Mantra, read here.

November 25: Austrians at the Fed? By Jeff Deist on what it would mead, at the Misses Institute, read here.

November 25: Looking For Quality And Dividends: A Comparative Analysis Of 10 Dividend ETFs at Seeking Alpha, read here.

November 25: The “Black Money” Backlash: These Are The Illegal Workarounds To India’s “Cashless” Chaos by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, read here.

November 24: Top 5 Dividend Growth ETFs at Seeking Alpha, read here.

November 24: The Quacking of Ducks
Oppose the Huddled Masses Yearning To Lift Your Wallet?  Then you’re a racist fascist, according to the commies, says Eric Peters, read here.

November 24: It Is Up To Us — Paul Craig Roberts, read here.
If Trump Wants To Bring Down the NWO;  Paul Craig Roberts on do’s and don’ts.
“Putin has begun removing the Atlanticist Integrationists, Russia’s Fifth Column, from influence. Let’s see if Trump can remove our fifth columnists—neoconservatives and neoliberal economists—who have sold out the American people and America’s integrity.
If Trump fails, the only solution is for the American people to become more radical.”

November 24: India’s Currency Debacle – An Interview with Jayant Bhandari By Pater Tenebrarum  Acting Man at LewRockwell.com, read here.
“In the course of the 20th century alone, we have seen such a wide range of government depredations with respect to money, that one has to be extraordinarily naïve to believe repeat performances are no longer possible.
What has happened in India should be seen as a clear warning. State-issued cash currency may not be affected by bank insolvencies and “bail-ins”, but it is by no means safe. By contrast, gold simply cannot be devalued by government decree.”

November 24: Michael Oliver – Another Look At The Big Picture For Gold After Brutal Takedown at King World News, read here. “Current upticks on this chart are not negating in the least the major multi-year trend shift that occurred earlier this year.   The silver/gold relationship still bodes well for higher silver and gold prices.”

November 23: Rickards: Elements For Financial Lockdown Are In Place by Craig Wilson at The Daily Reckoning, read here.

November 23: Silver Seems Ready to Break Out Off Significant Support  – Buying Opportunity Beckons at Commodity Trade Mantra, read here.

November 23: Nomi Prins: The Washington Consensus Has Evolved by Craig Wilson at The Daily Reckoning, read here.

November 23: What Would an ‘America First’ Foreign Policy Look Like?
Rhetoric isn’t enough; uncommon common sense by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.

November 23: Trump for the Defense by William D. Hartung and Tom Engelhardt at Antiwar.com, read here.

November 23: A Besieged Trump Presidency Ahead By Patrick J. Buchanan at LewRockwell.com, read here.

November 23: Striking Revelation: How Germany Financed Clinton Foundation by Sputnik News at LewRockwell.com, read here.

November 23: As Massive Bond Bubble Implodes, Is It About To Trigger A Major Move In Gold, Silver, And The Canadian Dollar? At King World News, read here.

November 22: He Called Trump, Now He’s Calling For This – Doug Casey; interesting and insightful video interview at Kitco News, watch here.

November 22: Two Billion-Dollar Buzz Saws by James Rickards at The Daily Reckoning, read here. “Going forward, I expect to see gains in precious metals that will more than offset any losses from those two “billion-dollar buzz saws” that were out on election night.”

November 22: Flynn, Pompeo, and the Paradox of the New Nationalism
These two appointments underscore the contradictions at the heart of Trumpism by Justin Raimondo at AntiWar.com, read here.
Comment: The importance of these appointments can be well illustrated by Barack Hussein Obama “the peace president” and his disastrous appointment of Hillary Clinton to Secretary of State. All the wars, interventions and mistakes of his presidency are due to the evil Hillary. The fact that he still, for some reason, supported her for president in the election, says a great deal about the little liars’ character. Oh the fools that rule over us! NTM

November 21: This Is The Real Reason Why The Public Is Broke And The Middle Class Is Being Destroyed by James Turk at KWN, read here.

November 21: May never get another opportunity to buy gold at this level again by Chris Vermeulen the Gold and Oil Guy, read here.

November 21: About that “Fair Share” by Simon Black at Sovereign Man, read here.