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The stock market has often been compared to a casino and stock trading to gambling. There is even a book called Trade Like A Bookie, by David Caplan. The big difference between trading and gambling is that a stock trader has much better control of risk than does a gambler. In the game of Black Jack or 21 you pretty much have to play every hand. You can’t stand to one side, count cards, and when the count is in your favor step in and play, the casino would soon ask you to leave. But that is exactly what I do with my trading system. I stand to one side, count cards-that is observe the market action, and when the count or market is in my favor I step up and make a trade. From back testing my trading strategy, the probability of a profit is 80-90%. In actual trading this trading strategy has been very consistent with 74% profitable trades. Hence the name of my trading manual The 74% Solution. By waiting until the market gives me an 80-90% probability of a profitable trade my risk is reduced considerably. Gambling this is not.
Most of the time I am out of the market, watching and waiting for the right opportunity. Originally I  used this system as a stand alone trading strategy. Being out of the market most of the time, I soon realized I could maximize the use of my capital by using a part of my capital to invest in dividend paying value stocks. This gave me three streams of potential income; first, capital appreciation from the stocks I owned, second, dividend income from the stocks I owned and thirdly, trading income from the 74% solution system. To learn more go here.

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February 19: Rickards: This is a Rigged Financial System by Craig Wilson at the Daily Reckoning, read here. “I still think that the systemic risk of a major financial crisis is out there – regardless of Trump’s policies.”

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February 17: Flynn’s Gone But They’re Still Gunning For You, Donald by David Stockman at The Daily Reckoning, read here. This is the must read article for the day! David Stockman, once again, tells it like it is.

February 17: Gold Standard Needed Now More Than Ever? – Alan Greenspan Comments By Sarah Benali of Kitco News, read here. Too little, too late words of wisdom from the man who was instrumental in creating the financial mess we are in today. Of course when he was actually in a position to do something, such as reign in and reform the Fed, he did nothing. F**k you and the horse you rode in on Alan!

February 17: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
A choice of “enemies” by Justin Raimondo at AntiWar.com, read here.

February 17: Michael Belkin: Founder, Financial Market Strategist & Author of The Belkin Report. Audio interview at KWN, listen here. “Man Who Advises Top Sovereign Wealth Funds In The World Says Price Of Silver Will Skyrocket In 2017”

February 17: Where Are We Headed? (Part II) from the bionic mosquito, read here.

February 16: Man Asked To Speak To Chinese Officials Issues Warns About Imminent Global Chaos by John Ing of Maison Placements at KWN, read here.

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February 16: The Wretched Beginning of Donald Trump’s Presidency
Punishing innocent immigrants, a disastrous Yemen raid, and coddling police, by Lucy Steigerwald at Antiwar.com, read here.

February 15: Silver: $25 By July? By Michael Ballanger at Silver Doctors, read here. Interesting article, it actually does discuss silver and precious metals toward the end, so don’t give up on it.

February 15: Is the Left Playing With Fire Again? By Patrick J. Buchanan at LewRockwell.com, read here.
“From those days long ago, there returns to mind the couplet from James Baldwin’s famous book, from which he took his title:”
“God gave Noah the rainbow sign/ No more water, the fire next time.”

February 15: Big Brother is watching you: Jim Rogers prophesizes death of cash & total govt control of spending at Russian Times, read here.
“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark” Rdevelation 13: 16-17 The question is, how did John the Revelator figure this out 2,000 years ago? Think about it!

February 15: A Win for the Deep State
The ousting of Mike Flynn takes us down the road to a police state by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com, read here.
It is just as I feared; Trump is in way over his head, he is playing in the big leagues now, these boys play for keeps, and they have guns, lots of them. NTM

February 14: Flying On A Wing And A Tweet by David Stockman at The Daily Reckoning, read here. More words of wisdom and warning from the great David Stockman; buy gold, buy silver, sell stocks, the times they are a changing, and not for the better. NTM

February 14: The Most “Horrifying” Chart in the World by Justin Spittler at Casey Research, read here.

February 14: Disconnected Precious Metals Market – A Ticking Time Bomb at Commodity Trade Mantra, read here.
“Even though it is impossible to forecast when the bomb will go off, logic suggests the S&P 500 will head LOWER, while the price of silver (and gold) will head HIGHER.”

February 14: What Will Trump Do About the Central-Bank Cartel? By Thorsten Polleit at LewRockwell.com, read here.

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February 13: EU Bureaucrats Escalate the War on Cash: Will Precious Metals Be in the Crosshairs? By Clint Siegner at Money Metals Exchange, read here.

February 13: David Stockman Challenges Trump Administration’s Militarism: Video by Adam Dick read and watch here.

February 13: The Imperative of Sino-American Accommodation: Peace a Must with No Core Interests in Conflict by Doug Bandow Senior Fellow, Cato Institute, read here.

February 13: Jim Rogers: “We’re About To Have The Worst Economic Problems Of A Lifetime, A Lot Of People Will Disappear by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, read here.