And The Oscar Goes Too…

This is a repeat of a blog originaly posted on September 21, 2015

All America waits with bated breath to learn of the next recipient of some worthless trophy commemorating  some dubious achievement.

Is it just me or is anyone else sick of these obscene award programs? Hardly a week goes buy without our being assaulted by an incestuous love fest particularly in the entertainment industry; get a room!

Then there is the red carpet arrival of the anointed ones. Along with the  buffoonish outfits worn by the ladies. They look ridiculous, who, in their right mind wears such crap, check this out. I read somewhere that women don’t dress to impress men so much as to impress, or more accurately intimidate other women. You can see that clearly at these events. What man thinks wearing these ridiculous dresses makes a women beautiful? None!

I predict some day there will be an award program celebrating the best award program. I, for one, will be doing something else, anything else.