Attractive Waitress Economic Indicator

There are many pop culture economic indicators, one of the most popular is the Super Bowl indicator, which claims to predict the coming economic condition based on if the NFL or AFL wins the super bowl.

I have developed my own economic indicator based on the ratio  of attractive waitresses to less attractive waitresses.

The reasoning goes something like this; in good economic times young attractive females are less inclined to work as waitresses. They may move in with their boyfriend, get married and have less incentive to work, or they find more profitable or more interesting work in other places.

When times are hard it is just the opposite, other jobs may not be available, marriage or living with a boyfriend may be delayed as living with parents is the best option. When times are tough young attractive women are more  motivated to work as waitresses.

Also if you are a restaurant owner and their are a lot of attractive women applying for jobs,  the tendency is to hire young attractive women, all things being equal, that is assuming the attractive girls are qualified, that’s just good business.

Admittedly this is not any kind of scientific indicator. I have  made no attempt to research or prove my theory. Additionally attractiveness is very subjective and as I get older a pleasant, friendly, intelligent personality is just as important as physical beauty. This indicator is based solely on personal observation. Applying this theory to the present, in my opinion, the attractive women are increasingly working as waitresses. Despite what the government and the main stream media are saying, the economy is not all that strong; the increase in attractive waitresses could be a subtle warning of a coming recession.

One problem with my theory is the unusual amount of males becoming waitresses (oops, Freudian slip). In California I have a pretty good idea what that means, but here in Arizona I am not so sure?