First April Trade

The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Rio Verde Trading and the author make no claim that anyone can or will achieve similar results in their trading.

April 11: Yesterday’s setup in QQQ was confirmed today. Bought to open 45 QQQ at 108.62.

April 12: Today’s sell signal has me selling to close 45 QQQ at 109.44.

Net Profit $32.90, ROI 0.67%.

Another modestly profitable trade. It is encouraging to see the win loss ratio hanging in there at 75.6% wins and 24.4% losers since 2014. For me the real action is in my gold and silver investments. Diversification pays!

Since the December lows, gold is up 20% as of today. Silver is up 18% and for the last few days has been taking the lead away from gold. Even more importantly the gold & silver mining shares are up multiples of the metal prices. It’s called leverage.

The 74% Solution trading strategy has been under performing since 2015, which is disappointing. Because of the outstanding performance of  gold and silver, I have no problem sticking with my trading system while I wait for it to return to its historical norms. In the mean time I am keeping my trades small to keep my losses small.

I started my gold and silver investing, in a serious way, in 2010. I was then, and am still convinced, that the coming economic crisis will make gold and silver the investment of a life time. Since 2010 I have been dollar cost averaging into gold and silver mining stocks and pretty much completely getting out of general equities. As it turns out my timing was way off and it has ben a rough four years surviving the bear market gold & silver correction. But then it is better to be early than late.