First June Trade

The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Rio Verde Trading and the author make no claim that anyone can or will achieve similar results in their trading.

June 13: Friday June 10 produced a trade set up which was confirmed today June 13 Monday. Bought to open 35 SPY at 208.47.

June 14: Buy signal continues, bought 40 SPY at 208.02.

June 15: Another buy signal, bought 40 SPY at 207.78.

June 16: Sell signal today, sold to close 115 SPY at 208.40.

Net Profit: $29.55, ROI 0.5%.

The big winning trade continues to elude me, very frustrating. The only solace is the win loss ratio is still hanging in there at 77.6% wining trades and 22.4% losing trades. Still above the historical averages for this trading system.

My gold and silver mining investments are doing spectacularly well. The resultant increase in my portfolio value gives me more available margin with witch to trade.

As a note of interest, while I was trading SPY, trades were also triggered in IWM, MDY and QQQ. I rarely trade more than one ETF at a time and when multiple trades are triggered  SPY is my go to ETF as it has the most consistent performance.

From paper trading, IWM showed a small loss of 0.17 per share; MDY showed a profit of 0.50 per share and QQQ 0.34 per share. These numbers are all hypothetical of course and do not take into consideration brokerage fees. My SPY trade came in at 0.257 per share, actual results.

And so we continue to grind out the trades as they develop. At least my mining shares are doing very well. If the win loss ratio turns against me, maybe I will have to rethink my trading strategy? Time will tell.

We are living in unprecedented economic conditions. At no time in world history has there been so much money created out of thin air, unbacked by any thing of tangible value. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that this will end very badly. The number one protection for the coming financial disaster is to own gold and silver held out side of the banking system. It is still not to late to acquire some protection in the form of gold and silver bullion, do you have yours?