First March Trade

The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Rio Verde Trading and the author make no claim that anyone can or will achieve similar results in their trading.

I went long 40 shares of SPY at 210.97 after Thursdays setup was confirmed on Friday February 27.

Monday March 2 provided a sell signal, therefore I sold to close 40 SPY at 211.87. Net profit of $32.00 after expenses.

Nothing exciting about this trade. As a professional pilot I sometimes like to compare trading to flying; if it’s exciting you are doing something wrong. I will take a boring profitable trade over an exciting losing trade any day.

The secret to any trading strategy is to be consistent, take every trade that the system generates and over time you will make money. I have confirmed this over and over again in my back testing research as well as actual trading, it is the occasional big winning trade that makes this system work and that makes it worthwhile.