First October Trade

The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Rio Verde Trading and the author make no claim that anyone can or will achieve similar results in their trading.

Friday October 14: Bought to open 45 IWM at 120.54.

Monday October 17: Sold to close 45 IWM at 120.48.

Net Loss $-6.70, ROI -0.12%.

This trade is worse than it looks. The set up for this trade occurred on October 12, market action confirmed the trade set up at the close  of October 13. My job had me on the road that entire day and I was unable to take the trade.

To make a long story short this trade should have had me buying on October 13, 14, and 17, closing out the trade for a nice 50+ dollar profit on the 18th. As my trade record above shows I entered the trade on the 14th and exited it at a loss on the 17th. A bad fill on the opening of the trade and a squirrely market head fake exit on the 17th instead of the 18th resulted in a small loss.

As the saying goes “stuff happens”. Even when the system works, poor execution, a squirrely market and bad luck conspire to turn a profitable trade into a loss.