“HowTo Be Invisible”

How To Be Invisible by JJ Luna, the man who wrote the book on personal privacy.

In this age of computers, data bases and government snooping into all our communications and all aspects of our lives, personal privacy is becoming harder and more difficult to maintain. Read This. And This.

How To Be Invisible is the place to start reclaiming your privacy. If you need to disappear because bad guys are after you or you just prefer to maintain a low profile, you will find this book invaluable.

Never get your mail where you live. Use a PO Box or a commercial mail box service such as The UPS Store. As a professional pilot I was on the road 3 to 6 months of the year; so I had always used a private mail box service. I am no longer actively flying  professionally, but I have kept the private mail box.  Periodically The UPS Store asks me to update my personal information, home address, telephone number, etc. I just ignore the request and they stop bothering me. Since first obtaining my private mail box, I have moved several times and gone thru several cell phones, my mail box is no longer linked to my residence or cell phone number. Privacy!

Another method of maintaining privacy is to rent a house, pay cash for rent and have the landlord take care of utilities. When I first read How To Be Invisible, I loaned it to a friend. It just so happens he had a vacant guest house that he was having a hard time renting, it being out of town, in the desert and down a dirt road, not where most people want to live. After reading How To Be Invisible, he offered the house for cash rent, utilities included. Now I live in privacy, no lease, no utility bills, no mail piling up at my front door.

Mr. Luna also discuses using a New México LLC and a ghost address to keep your name from ever being associated with the car. Using the New Mexico LLC to title and license my car would have saved me almost $500 from a red light camera ticket. There would have been no way to trace my license plate number to my name, they would have just found a New Mexico LLC and a ghost address in Alaska. When I buy my next car that is the way I will go.

Some of the other subjects  Mr. Luna discusses in maintaining your privacy are:

How to obtain your own ghost address.
Mail boxes public and private.
Separate your name from your home address.
Your social security number and date of birth.
Alternate names and signatures.
New Mexico LLC
Hidden ownership of vehicles and real estate.
How to disappear and never be found.
How to secretly run a home business.
And much much more.

How To Be Invisible can be obtained from Amazon or go to Mr. Luna’s web site jjluna.com.