Joe Arpaio; America’s Dumbest Sheriff!

November 11: Update; Joe Arpaio is fired, he loses election. Finally we are rid of this bozo. He still has legal problems, he may end up in jail yet; one can only hope!

I generally do not pay much attention to local, small time politicians such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Living in Arizona it is very difficult if not impossible not to notice Joe Arpaio, the man is a true media whore. Hardly a day goes by that he is not on TV, the radio on in the papers.

My first impression of Sheriff Joe was interesting indifference. The first three things that attracted my attention were the tent cities, his putting a bright red neon motel “VACANCY” sign over the prison, and then there was the elimination of coffee, cream and sugar to the inmates, and giving them only bologna sandwiches, carrot sticks, celery and maybe an apple for there meals. This last thing, he never stopped bragging that it was only costing one dollar a day to feed the prisoners.

Sheriff Joe’s constant bragging about how his policies were saving the tax payers money, brings me to the incident that changed my opinion and exposed Sheriff Joe for the phony that he truly is.

Several years ago David Hendershott, the number two man in the Sherif’s office decided to retire. He had put in his twenty years and qualified for a full pension. This is all well and good, except the next day after he retired and qualified for his pension, Sheriff Joe hired him back to his old job at full previous salary. This salary was in the $100,00 a year range. Clearly he had no intention of retiring. If he wanted to keep working then he should not be drawing a pension. Saving the tax payers money, I think not!

Since then Sheriff Joe was forced to fire David Hendershott due to a scandal involving abuse of power, nepotism, intimidation and policy violations. On another note, another one of Sheriff Joe’s top aides retired after 20 years, received full pension, but this time Sheriff Joe hired him back as a civilian consultant.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Lawsuits, racial profiling, wrongful death, political witch hunts, inter-departmental bullying and the list goes on; the cost to Maricopa County tax payers in excess of $50,000,000.00, that’s fifty million dollars. See this article here.

The image that is fixed in my mind is of  the many times Sheriff Joe Arpaio was being interviewed on TV concerning one of his many scandals. The Sheriff always got a pained pouty look and answered with a pouty voice; I am the elected Sheriff, I can’t be fired, I am just doing my job, nobody is going to stop me from doing my job. That pouty look and voice reminded me of a four year old, poor baby.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio may get fired after all. Check out his latest costly scandal, Sheriff Joe Arpaio found in contempt of court in racial profiling case, read here.