These are some of the sites I go to everyday to keep up to date on the markets and world news. and If you did nothing but read these two sites every day, you would have a better knowledge of what is really happening in the world than all the talking heads on TV. Plus they will link you to other sites if you are interested in a particular subject. Invaluable!

King World News; excellent site on the economy with a focus on precious metals.

Free Stock Charts; free charting service that I use to track the exchange traded funds that I trade.

Pento Portfolio Strategies; Michael Pento, economist and investment manager. Provides interesting market commentary in the Mid-Week Reality Check Podcast, five week free trial subscription then available at a very reasonable cost.

Casey Research; A lot of free information and also paid subscription services. Very good source on precious metals and energy investments.

Ownx: Formerly known as Silver Saver, Everyone should own some gold or silver in bullion form stored outside of banking system. Ownx is an excellent way to do just that. Easy online transactions, low premiums, safe and secure low storage costs. I buy gold and silver this way on a regular basis.

Precious Metals: The following two internet sites will help you keep up to date on the precious metals markets. Go to KITCO for real time precious metals quotes; gold, silver, platinum, palladium. Go to  for the prices of various coins, especially the 1964 and older 90% silver coins, AKA junk silver.