In order to preserve the integrity of The 74% Solution trading system, we are limiting the number trading manuals being sold. That number has been reached therefore the trading manual is no longer available at this time.

Trading Strategy Not Working? 

Is There A Better Way To Trade?

Are you tired of trading systems that just don’t work?

Are you tired of the stress of day trading systems?

Are you tired of paying for expensive real time charting services?

Would you rather be doing anything else than watching the market gyrations all day long?

Are you tired of the miserly dividend income from your long term investments?

There Is A Better Way!

What if there is a way to trade that takes very little time?

What if there is a trading system that has a very high probability of winning trades?

What if you did not have to monitor the markets all day long?

Would you like it if you did not need expensive real time charting services?

What if there was a way to increase the income from your long term investment portfolio?

Here Is The Better Way!

Since 2002 I have been trading an easy to follow system that does not require expensive charting services, that does not require monitoring the market all day long.

This trading system is low stress, has a high probability of profitable trades and will substantially increase the income from your long term investment portfolio.

Every evening, after the market closes, and at my own convenience, I use a free charting service to see if any of the stock index ETFs that I trade, have the potential to generate a trade the next day.

If a trade setup materializes, I calculate my position size and entry price; all determined by clear easy to follow system rules. If the next day trade setup is confirmed, I enter the trade. Then I maintain and manage the trade until an exit signal is generated.

All my trade planning is done in the evening, after the market closes, which makes for a very low stress environment for planning the next day’s trade.

In actual trading, very consistently, 74% of my trades have closed at a profit. On average the system trades once a week, but I have gone as long as six weeks without the system generating a trade. 50% of the trades close out in one day, but have gone as long as five days. Most of the time you will be out of the market which makes for low stress and lowers risk substantially.

I call this trading system “The 74% Solution, Short Term Stock Index Trading With Exchange Traded Funds”.   If this sounds like something that would enhance your investment goals, then click on the “Add To Cart” button and get started on a successful low stress trading program today.