Second July Trade

The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Rio Verde Trading and the author make no claim that anyone can or will achieve similar results in their trading.

23 July: Wednesday’s setup is confirmed on Thursday July 23. Bought to open 20 SPY at 210.45.

24 July: Friday generates another buy signal. Bought additional 20 SPY at 208.37.

27 July: Monday another buy signal. Bought 20 SPY at 207.05.

28 July: Sell signal, sold to close 60 SPY at 209.15; net profit after expenses $23.60. ROI 0.7%

Two trades within one  week, I am on a roll. Extreme turmoil  in the markets as China continues crashing, look here. Volatility is what makes trading work. We will see what the future brings; in the mean time with a very toppy, long in the tooth, risky market I am keeping my trades small, but I am going to keep trading.

As of today I will be calculating ROI (Return On Investment) for my trades here on the Blog page as well as the Trading Record page, based on my actual cost of the trade instead of the total value of the trade. This is because all of my trades are made on margin, using my stock investments for trading margin. For todays trade I only actually had $3,292 invested in the trade the rest was margin; that gave me an ROI on 23.60 divided by 3292 which is 0.7%.  This will make my winning trades look more profitable and my losing trades more unprofitable. This is a more realistic way of calculating percentage return on a trade.