Second October Trade

The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Rio Verde Trading and the author make no claim that anyone can or will achieve similar results in their trading.

My trading system generated a trade setup in SPY on October 26, which was confirmed October 27. However I missed taking the trade, at the close, on the 27, therefore I entered the trade, at the open, October 28.

October 28: At market open, bought to open 30 SPY at 212.85.

October 28: SPY buy signal again confirmed at the close, therefore I bought an additional 30 SPY at 212.85.

October 31: Sell signal had me selling to close 60 SPY at 212.71.

Net Loss $-18.90, ROI -0.34%

At the same time that a trade setup was generated in SPY, trade setups were also generated in IWM, MDY and QQQ.

The IWM trade lasted two days and produced a profit of 0.61 per share. MDY trade closed out in one day with a profit of 1.97 per share. These were hypothetical profits of course, as I was not able to take those trades as the SPY trade required all my available capital.

As I closed out the SPY trade, QQQ was still signaling a buy; therefore I went long 50 QQQ. This trade is still on going and I will post the results after I close it out.

With the presidential election next week, it seems to be producing a lot of volatility in the markets. Hopefully that volatility will produce some much needed profits for the trading system.

In the mean time the resurgence of the gold and silver bull market has been going through a normal correction since early October. The low for this correction appears to be in as gold and silver and the mining shares have made some nice up moves the last couple of days.

Although The 74% Solution trading system has performed miserably this year, my gold and silver investments have performed spectacularly. Diversification does pay!