Stupid Jokes and Killer Presidents

As I turned on the TV to watch the news this evening I was appalled at the news that another stupid actor made a stupid joke about killing Trump; this time it was Johnny Depp. But what is really appalling is the hypocrisy and hysteria now focusing on Johnny Depp.

Really what is worse making stupid jokes about killing the president or the president who is actually killing people? All these worthless presidents have blood on their hands; Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Bush II, Nixon, Johnson… And the wannabe presidents Hillary and John McCain.

Of course they do not actually kill anybody themselves, except John McCain; they farm out their dirty work to the military, CIA and others.   It is worth noting that there is no record of Adolph Hitler personally killing anybody himself, but he Shure left a lot of dead bodies in his wake.

We need a lot more outrage over the people Trump is killing and less hysteria over stupid jokes. I can choose not to listen to the stupid jokes, I don’t have the option to stop the killing