The 74% Solution

Trading stock indexes with Exchange Traded Funds.

I have been trading my proprietary trading system, using Exchange Traded Funds, since 2002. Very consistently 74% of my trades have closed with a profit, hence the 74% solution.

When I first developed and started trading this system, I used it as a stand alone system. It soon became apparent that I was out of the market most of the time. See the Trading Record and scroll to the very end for a summary of 2014 trades; for this period of time I was in the market only 86 days.

To make better use of my capital I tried to find a day trading system. I unsuccessfully tried several systems and was never able to make them work. Lost money on all of them.

Now I have most of my capital invested in long term investments. And I use my proprietary trading system for short term trades in Exchange Traded Funds, using my long term investments for margin requirements, and keeping a large enough cash balance to cover inevitable losses.

As trades develop I will be posting them, win or lose, to show how this system performs.

It is my goal to present this system without hype or bull spit, just give you the facts and document system performance without embellishment.