Trump vs. Bush

Trump versus Bush; that is Donald against Jeb and little George. I am kind of disappointed at Donald Trump’s comments concerning 9/11 and George Bush. What I am disappointed in is that the Donald could not come up with easily verifiable facts supporting his insinuation to the incompetence of the George Bush presidency and his actions, as president, before and after 9/11.

I can come up with a half dozen facts or talking points right off the top of my head. Give me a couple hours on the internet and I can document every one of them.

These are the talking points I would have used. First off the White House chief of intelligence repeatedly tried to warn little George of the high and increasing probability of a domestic  terrorist attack. See Here. Little George did nothing.

Second: during the attack, consisting of hijacking four airliners, not one of them was intercepted by the worlds greatest and most expensive Air Force? Even though this attack took place over several hours and the planes were being tracked by air traffic control radar.  No one in the Air Force was held responsible or even reprimanded for this failure?

Thirdly: No one in the FBI, CIA or the other intelligence agencies was ever held accountable for the failure to see this coming. Young middle eastern men taking flying lessons, but only to learn how to steer a plane not to land it, did not set off alarm bells? Actually the CIA did set off alarms, read here.

Fourth: all these terrorists were  tracked by Mosad. Israel knew a terrorist attack was coming but did nothing to stop them or warn us. Our “special Friends” the Israelis were quite willing that almost four thousand Americans would die if it served their purposes. Remember the USS Liberty.

Fifth: Most or all of the terrorists and their co-conspirators came from Saudi Arabia and were financed primarily by Saudi money. After the attacks all air traffic in the US was grounded, except some high level Saudis were allowed to leave the country in their private jets. Americans were grounded but not Saudis?

Sixth: 3,000 plus Americans died on 9/11; so what does little Georg “shit for brains” Bush do? He invades two countries that had nothing to do with the attack.  First he invaded Afghanistan, we were not attacked by Afghanistan, just a bunch of criminals hiding out there. Instead of going after the bad guys he invades and over throws the government, most of the bad guys, including Osama Bin Laden get away.

Next comes Iraq, torture, lying to congress for the purpose of starting a war (an impeachable offense) and on and on and on. All of this happened on little George Bush’s watch and clearly demonstrate his incompetence. Little George Bush is probably the most incompetent and unqualified president in American history, if not my life time!

Jeb Bush claims his little Brother was protecting Americans, but was he? Lets see, 3,000+  dead on 9/11, 4,000+ US soldiers die in Iraq,  2,000+ soldiers die in Afghanistan. Little George “shit for brains” Bush is directly or indirectly responsible for the death of almost 10,000 American citizens. Great protecting little George! Not to mention the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Iraq and Afghan citizens that died from little George’s wars! Also se this article Unsafe By Any Definition, here.

What I am trying to demonstrate here is Donald Trump’s lack of knowledge about important but easily obtainable information. If I, some schmuck living in the Sonoran desert, knew all this stuff, why didn’t Trump. Of courser I read every day, which makes me better informed on world and national news than Donald Trump, most of congress and more importantly all of the talking heads on all the TV news programs.

Here is another view on the Trump-Bush controversy. Trump vs. Bush by Justin Raimondo, at, read here. Patrick J Buchanan commentary on Trump, read here.