We Have Heard This All Before

Simon Black of Sovereign Man weighs in on the Donald’s proposed tax reform plans. Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Is Supported By 7 Decades Of Hard Data. Read Here.

This reminds me very much of Ronald Reagan’s tax reform plan. It also reminds me of the liberals constant assertion, even to this very day, that Reagan cut taxes and the deficits skyrocketed out of site.

The truth, if anyone cares, is that Reagan cut taxes, it did in fact stimulated the economy and substantially increased tax revenue.

Here is where it gets interesting, and what the liberals always ignore. The federal government with both Republican and Democrat participation, spent every penny of that increased revenue and then they, Republicans and Democrats, borrowed billions more and spent that too.

The deficits of the Reagan years were not caused by the tax cuts, they were caused by OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING! By both Republicans and Democrats.

We certainly need tax reform and tax cuts to stimulate the economy. Even more we need spending reform and drastic spending cuts, across the board, but especially cuts in military spending.